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Emotional and mental health

If you are having mental health problems, you are not alone. One in four of us will have problems with our mental health at some time in our lives.
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Our mental health is about how we think, our emotions, our outlook on life, and how we cope with challenges. It is an essential part of our wellbeing.

Mental health issues affect us all in terms of adjustment to stressful life events and in supportive roles and relationships as parents, partners, employers, friends and families.

Help and support

If you are worried about your mental health, or if someone in your life is affected, there are plenty of ways to get help.

You can use the information in the links below to understand your emotions, build up your emotional resilience, keep stress levels down, and look up our providers of psychological therapies.

Mental Healthline: 0300 5000 101

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The Mental Healthline (telephone 0300 5000 101) is for patients, carers, family members, GPs, NHS professionals and anyone else in Sussex who has questions or concerns about a mental health related issue.

The Mental Healthline can be reached between 5pm and 9am and all day during weekends and bank holidays on 0300 5000 101.

Head Forward: West Sussex and beyond

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Are you feeling anxious, depressed or stressed? Or are you concerned about how someone else is feeling?

Head Forward is packed with advice and information that aims to help anyone improve and maintain their mental wellbeing in West Sussex.

Money and mental health

If you are struggling to keep control of your income and expenditure, you may find that your mental health is affected. Likewise, if you find that you cannot cope with your feelings or behaviour, your finances may get neglected.

There are, however, many things you can do to help yourself if you're in a difficult situation and there is lots of help and advice available.

Take a money health check with the Money Advice Service.

Citizens Advice Bureau has lots of information on sorting out debt in its Help with debt section.

The charity Mind has a section on its website called Money and mental health, which includes advice on how to manage debt.

The Debt Support Trust offers help and advice to anyone struggling to cope with the stress and strain associated with mounting debts. They offer telephone and Internet based debt advice Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm.

Useful links

Samaritans provides confidential emotional support 24/7 to those experiencing despair, distress or suicidal feelings.

NHS Choices has lots of information about mental health, including what help is available, advice on how to cope, and real-life stories.

Mind is the leading mental health charity for England and Wales.

Rethink: Working together to help everyone affected by severe mental illness recover a better quality of life.

Sane: Meeting the challenge of mental illness.