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Sexual health

Whether you want to find out more about contraception and sexually transmitted infections or get tips on having a healthy sex life – we can point you in the right direction.
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Sexual health can mean different things to different people.

For example, by coming here, you might be looking for information on things like:

  • deciding which contraception to use and how to obtain it
  • information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, including how to treat them and the problems that can be caused if they are not treated
  • counselling on, and access to, abortion
  • psychosexual counselling
  • how to access free condoms
  • learning about body changes – at puberty or menopause
  • advice on fertility
  • tips on a healthy sex life
  • information relating to sexual preferences or gender issues
  • advice and support for people who have been sexually assaulted.

Some of this information is outlined below. However, if you are looking for general information about any of these topics, we suggest that you visit the NHS Choices website, which has lots of advice and guidance on sexual health.

Sexual health services in West Sussex

NHS West Sussex commissions services that can help with all aspects of sexual health. To find out more:


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Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in young people.

In West Sussex, 1 in 12 people under the age of 25 have chlamydia and don't know that they have it. 

Chlamydia can be passed on to sexual partners and can have serious effects on the fertility of men and women.

Find out more about Chlamydia and its effects here.

You can also request a free Chlamydia Testing kit.

Free condoms for young people

The c-card scheme allows young people to obtain free condoms once they have had a talk with a trained worker.

Most GP practices and many partner agencies have access to free condoms provided by NHS West Sussex.

If you would like to join the scheme you can get them from the following distributors, where you see this sign:

c-card scheme sign

Support for victims of sexual assault

The Saturn Centre, based at Crawley Hospital, provides care and support to victims of rape or sexual assault.

The centre is a safe place where a victim can be taken by the police so they can be medically examined, receive medical care, be offered support and counselling, and have the opportunity to provide evidence to police.

Services are available to women or men. And you do not have to be referred: you can ring direct for an appointment.

The Saturn Centre
Crawley Hospital
West Green Drive, Crawley
West Sussex RH11 7DH

Tel: 01293 600469 (9am-5pm), 24-hr answerphone

Website: www.saturncentre.org