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Women in the park with children

Sussex women urged to have regular screening tests

10/10/2011 As a storyline in a popular soap highlights the issue of cervical cancer, women are being encouraged to have regular screening tests.

Child in mother's arms after having a vaccination

Boosting the health of children and young people as Sussex marks Immunisation Week

10/10/2011 Booster vaccinations which protect young children and teenagers from potentially serious diseases are being highlighted as part of Sussex Immunisation Week, which starts today (10 October 2011).

People in the snow

Get the jab that could save your life

10/10/2011 The NHS in Sussex is today urging people at risk of flu to get protected and have the vaccine.

Do something nice for World Mental Health Day

07/10/2011 To mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October, NHS Sussex is encouraging people to do something nice for a friend or a stranger.

Cigarette Vending Machine Ban comes into force

03/10/2011 West Sussex Tobacco Control Alliance is reminding local businesses that it is now illegal to sell tobacco products from vending machines following a change in law on 1st October 2011.

NHS South of England launched

03/10/2011 Strategic health authorities joined as part of NHS reform.