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Continence services

This specialist service provides assessment and management of bladder and bowel dysfunction for people registered with a GP in West Sussex.

What does this service do?

Patient consultating family member

This service provides specialist assessment and conservative management of bladder and bowel dysfunction within West Sussex. 

The service has three main functions:

  • To promote continence.
  • To provide education/specialist advice on bladder and bowel dysfunction to other health care professionals and carers.
  • To provide a quality and effective pad delivery service.

Who is this service for?

This service is for anyone registered with a GP in West Sussex who requires assessment or management of bladder or bowel dysfunction. Children under the age of 4 are not eligible for this service.

Where are patients seen?

Patients are seen in the most appropriate setting for their needs. This may be in their home, a care home, or a clinic.

How can I access this service?

Referrals are accepted direct from users, carers and professional staff and may be made verbally or in writing.

To make a referral, please contact your Community Health Action Point (CHAP) on 0845 092 0414.