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Drug services

If you have a drug problem, there is a lot of free support and help available across West Sussex. Services include telephone support, group sessions, supervised community detoxification, social support and onward referral to other specialist agencies.

Our drug services are provided by a range of organisations and managed by the West Sussex Drug and Alcohol Action Team.

There are some specialist drug facilities run by charities and private organisations.

Can I access help and support?

It doesn’t matter what age you are, there is free help and support available for you in West Sussex.

We have services for you if you are under 18 or over 18, and  if you would prefer one-to-one support or group sessions.

There is also a lot of support and help to you if you are the family, partner and friend of someone who is taking drugs as we know the effect it can also have on you.

What do the services do?

There are a number of services that offer advice, information, treatment and access to further services.

Most services will have a range of treatment options including counselling, group work, complementary therapies and prescribed services. These services are a good starting point for an initial assessment for drug treatment.

The most appropriate services to access for an initial assessment, and referral to other services if required, are listed below.

What services are available to you?

Advice, information and support
Professional staff are available for advice and information and to help you with the decisions you make about your drug use.

Assessment and options
You can talk through your experience and current situation and professionals will assess your needs with you and tell you about your treatment options.

Ongoing one-to-one support and group work
If you feel ready to make changes to your drug use you will be allocated a key worker/project worker. Your key worker will support you to make positive changes either through one-to-one support or through group work.

Access to prescribing across West Sussex
Anyone who requires a prescription through our services will receive the same level of service throughout the county. Your needs will be assessed and experts will support you through either your own GP, through our shared care GP’s or from our specialist prescribing service.

Supervised community, in-patient detoxification and rehabilitation
Detoxification is an option if you are drug dependent. Our services can support you in your detoxification in the community or by referral to in-patient detoxification and/or residential rehabilitation.

Structured day programmes and complementary therapies
Services available in West Sussex can provide you with a choice of day time activities, such as life skills, basic skills development, relapse prevention, training and education options.

Services also provide complementary therapies to assist you with improving your health and wellbeing.

Providing treatment is just one part of the services on offer, equally important is the provision of aftercare.

Drugs Intervention Programme
In West Sussex there is a Drugs Intervention Programme, which is a national project aimed at breaking the cycle of drug misuse. You can access a DIP worker at custody, court, upon release from prison or by being referred by a criminal justice professional.

Harm reduction and needle exchange
There are harm reduction services across West Sussex including needle exchange centres, safe disposal of used equipment, sexual health information and advice. You can also receive general health advice and be offered contacts for other agencies in necessary.

Young people’s services in West Sussex
In West Sussex there is a service for young people from 10-19 years old with serious drug and or alcohol problems.

Experts can work with you, or your child, looking at making decisions about drug use and planning for change: if you have concerns about health, personal relationships, money, crime or education and want support around these they can assist you by looking at them.

How can I access help in West Sussex?

A good place to start is your GP surgery. Your GP can assess you and work out what type of treatment is best for you. They might treat you, or you might be referred to your local specialist drug service.

However, many drug treatment services also accept self-referrals, so you may not need to be referred by your GP.

Click here for the latest details of support services available across West Sussex and how to get in touch with them.